Our Life in Christ

Scott Hefelfinger, S.T.L., Ph.D
This course will explore the Catholic understanding of living the good life in Christ and the principles that should govern our moral decision-making.

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    The Augustine Institute Short Courses bring you the faithful and engaging instruction that has been enjoyed by over a thousand students since 2005, but on a much smaller scale than full graduate courses in theology.
    Each Short Course includes:

    Explore the Curriculum

    Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to guide you through a comprehensive and unified foundation in Catholic theology. The core theology certificate involves nine short courses, with the option for further specialization coming in 2021. New courses are added every month!

    Ideal for those who want to deepen their knowledge of the Catholic faith

    Engaging Professors

    The Augustine Institute faculty are dedicated to forming students in the Catholic intellectual tradition in order to enrich their spiritual lives and to prepare them to explain the faith more clearly.

    All  faculty members are committed to marrying the life of the mind and the life of faith, and all hold a mandatum from the Catholic Church. Our faculty includes biblical scholars, theologians, and historians who bring both expertise in their disciplines and extensive experience with parish life and Catholic education.
    Tim Gray, Ph.D.
    Elizabeth Klein, Ph.D.
    Ben Akers, S.T.D.
    Scott Hefelfinger, S.T.L., Ph.D
    Michael Barber, Ph.D.
    Mark Giszczak, S.S.L., Ph.D.

    What students are saying

    About the Augustine Institute and Faculty
    I really cannot say enough good things about the education and good formation we receive as students at the Augustine Institute.

    From the outstanding professors to the rich curriculum, everything lends itself to development of the intellect and the zeal for bringing Jesus Christ to the world.
    - Sr. Miriam James Heidland
    I am eternally grateful for what the Augustine Institute has done for my soul, my family and my apostolate.

    If you feel called to further your Catholic education, I cannot recommend anything better.
    - Leah Darrow
    The Augustine Institute not only taught me theology and scripture but also how to teach them.

    And my mentors and friends there taught me how to be a witness, how to dare greatly for the kingdom of God, and ultimately, how to be a disciple of Jesus.
    - Scott Powell

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